BMW is working on a two-seater based off of the MINI platform that will form the basis of a Triumph concept car later this year and may eventually see production. This seemingly incredible news comes from this morning’s edition of and is based on information from Autocar’s January 3rd issue. For those that might not be aware, along with BMW’s purchase of Rover back in the mid-90s came a handful of old British brands such as Triumph. At the time it had been rumored that the MINI would be the first of several brands coming back to life. However it was assumed these plans were shelved when Rover was broken up and sold by BMW in 2000. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

>Reviewing the unconfirmed news that BMW Group design team is working in California on a two-seater sports car derivative of the current MINI platform, Autocar’s 3 January issue speculates that the car, “close to getting the green light for production”, could become a concept vehicle later this year, and eventually, could be marketed under the Triumph brand.

You can read the entire article below:

[ BMW protects ownership of Triumph brand