MINI’s next long wheelbase concept debuted lastnight at a private MINI USA dealer event in Detroit. It will show its face to the press next week along with official information about the car’s production. The latter revelation come from a recent Automotive News article. Here’s an excerpt:

>Kay Segler, vice president of Mini brand management, said the Traveller is a vehicle that could be aimed at Mini enthusiasts who out grow their current Minis or at couples with small families. The automaker currently offers a three-door hatchback and a convertible.

>One drawback of those Mini models is their limited interior space, Segler said.

>”Our current Mini is not big enough for a couple who adds a child and a dog,” he said. “You definitely have a space problem.”

You can read more below:

[ Mini targets new customers Automotive News ]

We’ve also learned (not surprisingly) that there will be a number of features seen on the concepts that won’t make it into production and some not seen that will. For instance the ‘barn’ doors in the rear are too expensive for production and won’t be offered. Likewise the duel-hinged extra long driver and passenger doors upfront. However, as we’ve reported previously, MINI plans to add a pair of extra door that opens up backwards (that function similar to the ones seen on the Rolls Royce Phantom) to give easier access to the rear.