The Unofficial Austin Rover Web Source (say that three times fast) has some further information on the upcoming MINI derived two-seater sports car concept. It would seem that its final branding is still very up in the air:

>Sources state that the sporting concept looks promising, with pleasing styling – the designs (one of which carried the MINI-MAXImum moniker) are retro-modern in style, but with a nod to the past, carrying traces of Triumph TR4 and Stag in places. Sources in the USA have also confirmed that MINI distributors over there have been told to expect ‘some very big surprises’ in 2006/7, stating that ‘more than one new model is planned.’

[ Coventry revived in Oxford? ] Unofficial Austin Rover Web Source

MF Analysis: So it sounds as if BMW is not quite sure which direction they want to head in regards to branding at this point. Do they leverage this incredible brand that you’ve built up over the past five years and give it a MINI derived name? Or do they create yet another brand that is sold via the MINI sales channel in order to give the car a fresh start? Personally I’d be suprised if BMW decided on the latter and created an entire new brand for the car. In fact I’d be surprised to not see MINI branding on the car in some way.