Another week, another MINI/Triumph rumor. MotoringFile has received further information from a fairly reliable source about the possible new roadster. For those that might have missed the previous stories on MotoringFile, let’s first recap a bit. The rumors are that MINI will be introducing a new concept sometime later this year that harkens back to the classic Triumph roadsters of the 50’s and 60’s. While it’s not entirely clear if it will be marketing under the MINI brand, the Triumph brand, or something complete new, it is clear is that this rumor doesn’t seem to be going away.

Now there’s a new twist. The latest we’ve heard at MotoringFile HQ is that BMW is considering building the “Triumph” at BMW’s Spartanburg SC plant where the Z4 and X5 are currently produced. This seems to correspond well with other rumors that BMW has notified it’s US suppliers of the new potential production plans.

It would also make sense on a logistics level. MINI’s Oxford plant is currently at the limit of what it can produce so adding another car (on-top of the new Traveller in 2008) would be seemingly impossible. Meanwhile BMW has a state of the art facility in Spartanbug with plenty of capacity thanks to softening sales of the BMW Z4. In fact there were rumors not long ago that the Z4 might not even be replaced when the current model runs its course. Add the currency factors which make producing such a car in the US so attractive (compared to the UK) and you have what seems to be a no-brainer.

Of course it’s all still very unconfirmed so file this squarely in the rumor category for now.


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