According to the fifth annual Interbrand Reader’s Choice Awards, MINI has dropped from the No.6 global brand in 2004 to No. 22 this past year. Interestingly MINI does not even make the top 78 in North America nor has it ever broken the top 50 in the U.S. but holds solid at No. 11 in Europe. Since 2002, MINI has been in the top 11 global brands peaking at No. 3 in 2003. Topping the North American brand list for three years running is Apple Computer. Apple has volleyed with Google for the No. 1 and No.2 spots globally for the past five years.

This begs the question for MINI North America – Do they care that the MINI brand isn’t even as recognizable as, FreshDirect or even the womens’ fitness centers Curves? Is it ok that the MINI brand remains relatively obscure in the U.S. and Canada? Maybe “obscure” is a harsh word but take a look at the list and draw your own conclusions.

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