Since it’s officially Cooper Friday (and DIY Friday if you didn’t notice) here at MotoringFile I thought I’d pull out all the stops. Behold, the mother of all DIY projects, the full JCW Cooper Engine Kit. Like its close cousin, the JCW MCS Engine Kit (and another monster DIY in it’s own right) the Cooper JCW kit is best kept in the hands of the professionals. However as a perspective buyer, it’s always nice to see what exactly goes into both the kit and installation.

For those that might not new MINI oldsters (how’s that for a contradictory term) the JCW Cooper kit was the first product sold for the new MINI from JCW. It’s rated at 126bhp and the peak power comes on earlier and is more readily available. The torque goes up 4lbft to 114 and it's peak is actually 4750rpm rather than the standard cars 4500rpm level. You can see the full chart here.

Cooper owners can grab the full DIY PDF below:

[ Full JCW Cooper Engine Kit ] Official MINI Installation Instructions


[ The JCW Cooper Kit Components ] MotoringFile