Sometimes less is more. For example when it comes to less weight in a particularly sporting car. Which explains why the MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit is approximately 50 kilos or 110 lb lighter than the “standard” model. Together with an increase in engine power to 160 kW/218 hp for top speed of 235 km/h or 146 mph, this strictly limited special model offers a standard of performance once again significantly better than the performance data of the most powerful MINI available from the factory so far, the MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Tuning Kit.

The two letters “GP” in the name of this very special model stand for “Grand Prix” and thus clearly pay tribute to the motorsport DNA of this truly exceptional MINI. The MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit will be limited to a production run of exactly 2,000 units and will be available in Europe as of July 2006.

1.6-litre compressor engine developing 160 kW/218 hp.
The unique MINI CHALLENGE Racing Series has been thrilling enthusiasts and racing fans in Germany and many other countries the world over since 2004. The MINI racing cars entered in these exciting events feature the 1.6-litre compressor engine of the MINI Cooper S boosted to an even higher level of output by the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit. In the production model available from every MINI Sales Partner and naturally covered by the full works warranty, the John Cooper Works Tuning Kit increases engine output to an impressive 154 kW/210 hp. Modifications to the intercooler on the compressor and the electronic engine management increase engine output on the MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit to 160 kW/218 hp clearly symbolised by the throaty sound of the twin-pipe sports exhaust.

With this kind of extra power, the fast-revving engine featured in the new MINI Cooper S boosted by the John Cooper Works GP Kit offers even more dynamic and agile performance with acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in less than 6.5 seconds. And to get this extra power safely on to the road, the Limited Edition MINI comes as standard with a limited-slip differential largely preventing the drive wheels from spinning on either side and thus optimising traction above all on slippery roads. DSC Dynamic Stability Control comes as a non-cost option, further increasing the driving safety of the
MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit.

High-performance brake system and sports suspension from John Cooper Works.
An essential feature of the John Cooper Works GP Kit is the sports suspension with components carefully matched to the greater power of the engine. Even firmer springs and stronger dampers enhance the outstanding agility of the MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit particularly in bends and on winding roads.

The high-performance brake system with 16-inch inner-vented discs, in turn, ensures optimum deceleration and short stopping distances, red-painted brake callipers on the front wheels providing a particularly visual highlight.

Low-profile tyres and 18-inch light-alloy rims developed especially for the MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit are further standard features. Through their lower weight, these wheels reduce the car’s unsprung masses and at the same time enhance the sporting performance of the

Special aerodynamic package and exclusive colour scheme.
The MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit also features an exclusive Aerodynamics Package. New highlights are the front and rear air dams, the extra-low side-sills, and the underfloor cover. The roof spoiler with its wing profile, in turn, is already featured in a similar configuration on some of the cars raced in the MINI CHALLENGE.

The Aerodynamics Package significantly improves the car’s drag coefficient and downforces both front and rear, benefiting both the top speed of the MINI Cooper S and its driving behaviour at high speeds.

The new MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit stands out clearly from all other MINIs at very first sight through its exclusive metallic paintwork in Thunder Blue. Another exclusive feature is the combination of this highly attractive colour with the roof finished in Pure Silver. The surrounds on the air scoops along the engine compartment lid and in the front air dam are also finished in Pure Silver, while white direction indicators come as standard. The exterior mirrors, in turn, come in an attractive contrasting colour – fiery Chili Red.

The first production MINI with only two seats.
The purist interior of the MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit exudes more than just a “touch” of motorsport. But at the same time driving and riding in the new model is not only more sporting and dynamic, but also more comfortable, both the driver and passenger enjoying sports seats from Recaro, the renowned German specialist, offering perfect side support, adjustable thigh support and integrated seat heating. The seats themselves are finished in finest Panther Black leather, with red seams again providing a dynamic and sporting contrast.

The special three-spoke leather sports steering wheel enhances the driving pleasure offered by the MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit to an even higher standard. The direct steering transmission ratio, in turn, enables the driver to steer this exceptional MINI with ultimate precision round every bend, almost like in a go-kart. Integrated multi-function buttons, in turn, allow the driver to operate the radio and cruise control without even taking his or her hands off the wheel.
Through its particular design with the rev counter positioned behind the steering wheel and the central arrangement of the speedometer, the dashboard again underlines the sporting character of the car. Both displays in their classic circular design come in Anthracite, with red needles ensuring excellent clarity and readability. The display of the on-board computer featured as standard, finally, is integrated in the rev counter.

The principle that “less is sometimes more” is also borne out clearly at the rear, with the entire rear seat bench being dropped in the interest of weight reduction. So the space formerly taken up by the rear seats is now available as a flat loading area further enhancing the practical value of the MINI Cooper S with its John Cooper Works GP Kit. And for even greater convenience, the entire floor of the luggage compartment can be folded up in Z-arrangement for easy access to two additional storage boxes.

In the interest of even lower weight, the engineers responsible for developing this outstanding new model have taken a close and detailed look also at the technical features of this very special sporting MINI: On the rear axle track control arms made of aluminium replace the conventional units – again a special feature carried over from motorsport. Further modifications on the body of the car as well as the omission of air conditioning (which is however available as a no-cost option) and of some of the sound-deadening material all come together to reduce the overall weight of the car by approximately 50 kilos or 110 lb versus a MINI Cooper S with an average range of equipment, thus optimising the car’s power-to-weight ratio.

Wide range of standard equipment.
The wide range of standard equipment boasted by this particularly sporting special version of the MINI leaves virtually nothing to be desired. Apart from the special components of the John Cooper Works GP Kit (power unit, suspension, Aerodynamics Package), this special model also comes as standard with an on-board computer, air conditioning (no-cost option) and velours footmats. Leather sports seats by Recaro, a radiator complete with CD player (Boost model), the leather sports steering wheel with multi-function buttons, a Lights Package as well as sundim glazing on the rear side windows and the rear window are all standard. Electronic DSC Dynamic Stability Control is available as a non-cost option.

Again reflecting the special features of a Limited Edition collector’s item, the MINI Cooper S with the John Cooper Works GP Kit comes with an individual production number (1-2,000). And boasted on both the roof and the dashboard in Black on Silver, this number clearly confirms once and forever that this MINI is limited to just a small collection of very special cars for the very special customer.

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