Italian coachbuilder Castagna is at it again with a new version of their MINI wagon that first reared its head a few years back. They debuted several new designs at the recent Geneva Motor Show and the UK magazine, Classic Driver has all the details:

>Castagna, the Milanese coachbuilders who brought us the ‘Woody’ MINIs, have been up to their stylish tricks again. In addition to the Imperial Landaulet Concept, this year they have produced the ultimate toy for the big boy’s yachts at St Trop and Monaco – the ‘Tender’. There were also examples of the ‘Crossup’ and last year’s ‘Woody’ on display.

>The exterior of this custom-built car, based on the Mini Cabrio, features new proportions and technical solutions. The car is streamlined, with a fixed-access compartment with anti-theft bars in place of the normal doors. Like in some luxury boats, the rear is lengthened by 70 cm to make a convenient ‘working space’. A completely teak-clad ‘beach baby’ that can be “armed” to give you everything you need for your seafaring life. You can toss in your scuba equipment or your golf clubs, or just give a lift to a bunch of buddies.

[ Castagna at Geneva 2006 ] Classic Driver

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