It looks like the 2007 MINI may have been officially debuted at the Oxford Plant by BMW brass late last week. Here’s short account from a rather jaded source at the plant:

>The “R56” was officially unveiled to staff at Plant Oxford last week. The “Roadshow” as it was called, was fronted by Plant Director Dr. Anton Heiss. After much unneeded excitement and questioning from his on stage colleague who’s name I forget, the tarpaulin was hauled off of the already half uncovered car. Dr Heiss talked us through the “ground breaking” developments and how, in his opinion the car is “even more go-kart like.” Yes the R56 has grown in most dimension for example 20mm at the rear but at what cost? The only exciting development I can remember from the roadshow is the fact that the new CooperS engine, labeled the N14, is in-fact turbo-charged!

MF Analysis: Sometimes for all the praise that the MINI gets we all forget that for some of the people making the car, “it’s just a job”. Nevertheless it’s nice to hear that 2007 MINI is progressing. We should start seeing some more revealing spy shots in the coming weeks and an official web introduction in the coming months.