MotoringFile has a big problem. It’s a good problem, but a problem
just the same. It seems that we now officially have a gazillion
people visiting the site every day. And that means our host’s server
is getting taxed something fierce. So today we’re starting a search
for an affordable solution for dedicated hosting.

For all those readers who have offered us hosting services before,
we’re now ready to talk! If you have server space, an extra server to
rent, or know of some good deals at a reliable provider, give us a shout
via the contact page.

Update: A huge thanks to all the great offers that have poured in over the past few hours offering web storage. Unfortunately our server needs go a bit deeper than just bandwidth and space on the web for our files. Due to the number of readers who visit the site daily, MotoringFile can be a big burden on a server’s CPU. That means that typical shared hosting plans won’t work going forward and that we need a dedicated server of our own to host the site.