This is the audio portion of your MCS Supersprint Exhaust review and a companion piece original review posted last week. The main review was done with the windows closed to minimize wind noise and give you an accurate idea of sound inside the cabin. You can grab the review (in MP3 format) below:

[ MCS SS Exhaust ] MF Podcast Review (Start) (.30)

[ MCS SS Exhaust ] MF Podcast Review (Main) (1.40)

Bonus clip:

We weren’t originally going to post this version of the review because of a serious DSC intrusion and excessive wind noise due to the windows being fully open. However I thought I might as well offer it up as a bonus clip for those that can’t get enough exhaust MP3s.

[ MCS SS Exhaust/Bonus Clip ] MF Podcast Review (1:08)


MF Review: MCS Supersprint Exhaust