In their latest article on the topic, MSNBC probably does the best job I’ve seen explaining the success of the MINI in terms of resale value. Here’s an excerpt:

>BMW’s ownership of Mini buoys the residual value of Cooper. After all, BMW won ALG’s highest overall ranking for value retention among luxury-car manufacturers in 2006. By association, some of the German carmaker’s desirability and its reputation for quality transfer to Mini. But Mini Cooper’s idiosyncrasy also helps the car hold value. Small yet accommodating, cosmopolitan and oozing with retro-chic, Cooper is unlike any other vehicle. If you fancy one, you can’t substitute another marque the way a Honda Accord shopper might swing for a Toyota Camry if he or she doesn’t find an Accord that fits. You must own a Mini Cooper alone to appropriate the playful image of sophisticated independence it imparts.

Of course they still don’t touch on one of the most important aspects of the MINI – the performance. Simply put, one of the biggest reasons the MINI is as successful as it is in sales and resale value is due to the phoenominal handling and engineering that went into the chassis and suspension.

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