[Updated] A fixture of classic Minis (and many English cars from days gone by) was the grille badge. Whether is was the Union Jack or just a simple sign of local club affiliation, they were ways to put a personal stamp on your car and great opportunity to tip your cap to other like-minded enthusiasts.

To carry on this tradition, MINI USA has brought out a grille badge holder (part #: 51 13 0 406 752) for the current car that allows for the use of magnetic badges. At an MSRP of $25 it’s a great way to personalize your car and add a bit of heritage. And magnetic badges are inexpensive and easy to swap out depending on your mood. However the badge holder is not only buried in the back of the latest accessories catalog (with no part number) but also is not offered with any actual badges. Apparently that’s up to all individual MINI owners to do.

(Click on each to view larger)

So MotoringFile is here to help. We have teamed up with Todd Pearson (of Whiteroofradio) to offer some exclusive MotoringFile badges meant for the new MINI grille badge. And following along with the heritage theme, we’ve created a handful of designs that give a nod to English classic car culture while adding a few modern touches.

And as a bonus we’re also offering a limited edition 2006 Dragon badge (seen above) for those making the trek to the largest US MINI event of the year.

The magnetic badges are printed on gloss stock that is UV coated to protect against fading over time. Each badge is priced at $7.50. You can read more and order your badges below:

You can get your official MINI grille badge holder at any one of the MotoringFile sponsors below:

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Update #1 After 24 hours we have some interesting results for most popular badge. Coming in at number three is the MotoringFile 2006 Dragon badge. A strong showing for something I wasn’t even going to publicly offer! Number two is the classic Union Jack with blue and red. And the surprising number one is the RAF Roundel (my personal favorite).

Updated #2 We will be making available non-branded versions of all three Union Jack badges shortly. So for those who (for some reason) don’t want the MotoringFile name on there, your badge is coming! Also expect to see a black and silver Union Jack (for a little extra due to the metallic) and a Whiteroofradio badge in the coming days.