(Original press release translated from German into English by Berthil van Beek)

The MINI Story: Kickoff for a huge campaign.

With THE MINI STORY the BMW Group starts a campaign about the MINI
Heritage beginning of April 2006. To comprehensively communicate the
fascination and radiance of the MINI history, all press stories about the
MINI history will be released with the official slogan “THE MINI STORY”. Today on the show, Techno Classica in Essen, Germany the BMW Group Mobile Tradition will introduce this concept for the first time,
history and tales about the British cult car presented in a interesting way.

Following along with the theme MINI Heritage, several cars will be shown on the
Group Stand in Essen, like the Morris Mini-Traveller and the Austin Mini Wildgoose, a
special motor home on a Mini-base. Both cars were built in 1965. The brand
new MINI Concept Geneva will also be there, to show that MINI not only has a
grand history, but also an inspiring future. As always, Minis from
the Mini-Club scene in hall 12 also worth a visit.

A complete concept

THE MINI STORY consists of a series of actions: the construction of a
central MINI Archive in the British Oxford, the increase of a comprehensive
car collection with all relevant models, support for the international club
scene, a broad communication of the MINI Heritage in print, film, online and
international events within and outside the automotive industry. Already
today the BMW Group Mobile Tradition has started with the foundations: there
are already numerous documents and exciting cars of the classic Mini in the
collection. The activities will be brought together and expanded under THE
MINI STORY. Holger Lapp, leader of the BMW Group Mobile Tradition, explains:
“the BMW Group Mobile Tradition is responsible for all the BMW Group brands.
With THE MINI STORY starts a campaign that present itself in the same way
as MINI is: different and certainly special. In this way this historic
campaign will also emphasizes the self-willed nature of the brand. With the
THE MINI STORY the fascinating MINI history continues every day!”

History in a different way

THE MINI STORY not only delivers background information for selected
specialists, but also shows the special MINI way of live. It directs itself
to all the fans of the MINI brand. Because MINI traditionally stands for
“Being-Something-Different”, all forms of communication of the MINI History
will be different. The presentation of the term “Heritage” will be redefined
by MINI: the history itself will become part a story to be discovered.

The plot

The emphasis of the campaign lies on the coming together of fictional and
true stories, of present time and the past. In a documentary style the MINI
heritage will represented by two protagonists and their MINI vehicles. The
two will travel through the decades of the MINI history and will become part
of THE MINI STORY themselves, they will get to know it better as they go on.
On their quest both will have adventures, which will more and more reveal
the MINI heritage puzzle. Planned are publications in diary style in film,
magazine of internet specials. The first publication will mainly describe
Sir Alec Issigonis. Alec Issigonis, creator of the Mini, is known to be one
of the most important car designers of a new era, as the genius and creator
of the most famous small car. His philosophy is based on the conviction that
a small car with sufficient comfort and optimum use of space is should be
available for everybody. His worldwide recognition took place at 22nd July
1969 when he was knighted by the queen of England. 2006 was the hundred’s
birthday of Issigonis.

In the year 2006 three printed publications and a pilot movie are planned,
accompanied by internet specials and support of events about the history of
the BMW Group and current events around the brand MINI, and also special
MINI club events.

BMW Group Mobile Tradition is the central contact.

Several events with the slogan THE MINI STORY will be coordinated by the BMW
Group Mobile Tradition in Munich. Lead agency who will bring the
communication to practice is von Quadt & Company Agency from Munich, the
movies are directed by ‘shot one film & fernsehproduktion, Munich’.

Again a big thanks to Berthil for the translation. I know it’s not easy dealing with these official BMW PR pieces!