The boys at Worldcarfans have some new-ish pictures of a 2007 Cooper S testing mule hitting the Nurburgring. Nothing too shocking is revealed that we haven’t seen previously, just a few good perspectives on several expected changes. You can check it out below:

[ MINI Cooper S Spy Photos ]

A couple of random thoughts on the photos:

– In the first few pictures we can see a sneak peak of the potential new MCS grille. Over a year a go we mentioned that the Cooper S would be going with a black grille that is more like the current Aero grille. With this latest picture, we seem to be seeing some evidence of that.

– Also mentioned in our original “Next Generation Revealed” story from last year was the lower air intake would be taking on a similar shape to the upper grille. In the first few photos you can see this design clearly.

– As we mentioned last year (I’m not even going to say which story – but you know!) the C pillar will not be covered in glass but will be an exposed piece of black plastic on the coupe and potentially body colored on the R55.

– The headlights are turned to the corners giving the front end of the car more of a curved shape. This will help visually hide the increased front overhang needed to pass new European pedestrian safety laws.

– Just wait until you see that side turn signal/vent 🙂

– The stock brakes looks slightly larger.

– The rear body work is stretched a few millimeters to allow for more room in the boot as we had seen in several previous photos

– The side rear windows will not open as some had theorized.

As always if you want more details check out the first story listed below….


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