We already know that MTTS will start in Monterey and drives East-ish to Limerock. One clarification we’ve been told is that there will be no eastern starting point. The trip will start at Monterey CA is expected to make stops in a handful of US cities along the way to Lime Rock in CT.

MINIUSA knows that most US owners can’t take two weeks off to do the whole event, and has planned this to be as flexible as possible so people can join for a few hours or a few days. MINI USA will also be publicizing MTTS to non-owners as a way to sell the brand and show-off the cars. So you can also think of MTTS as a rolling configurator of sorts. And finally MINI USA will be reaching out to all the clubs to encourage them to take part as well.

MINI dealers will have the option to get groups of owners together to drive from their location to the route for a day, two days, etc. There will be an official route map, and we’ve been told to expect plenty of surprises during the trip.

We’ll have much more on MINI Takes the States in the coming days and weeks.