Four years ago MINI surprised quite a few when it received a “Good” overall evaluation for frontal off-set crash testing from the IIHS. After a few delays (MINI wanted the agency to wait for a slight re-working of several components for the ’06 model year) the IIHS has finally followed that up with a testing of the side impact protection. The result, while labeled “acceptable” by the IIHS is really quite an achievement considering how many other (larger) cars also received the same rating. Here’s an excerpt from an MSNBC article evaluating the results:

>It may be the smallest car ever to be tested by the institute—the sled is almost as big as the car. But Lund says the structure holds up well and although there are possible internal injuries, the airbags do an “okay” job of protecting the dummies.

>”The Mini Cooper doesn’t get a ‘good.’ But, it does get an ‘acceptable’ rating. That’s a good thing in a small car like this,” says Lund.

You can read the entire article below:

[ Side Impact Crash Ratings ] MSNBC

You can see the actual results at the IIHS website below:

[ MINI Cooper Side Impact Testing (2006) ]

[ MINI Cooper Frontal Off-set Testing (2002) ]