MINI USA has introduced a new set of bonnet stripes that are the official version of the always popular “Viper” aftermarket stripes. Here’ the official info from MINI USA:

>The new Sport Bonnet Stripes run parallel, starting at the hood, over the roof and the rear trunk lid. These stripes can be installed on all MINI Cooper and Cooper S

>To allow putting the stripes on the contrats roof color, there are kits available for bonnet and boot and a separate kit for the roof. This allows for example, to install white bonnet stripes on a black car and black bonnet stripes on the white contrasting roof. The stripes are available in black or white for the bonnet/boot and in black, white or red for the roof.

>The product is made of high quality foil. The material is fully dyed to ensure durability and high colorfastness.

Here are the individual kits and their respective MSRP:

Sport Stripe Kit White (Bonnet/Boot) 51 14 0 411 940: $81.75
Sport Stripe Kit Black (Bonnet/Boot) 51 14 0 411 941: $81.75
Sport Stripe Kit White (Roof) 51 14 0 411 943: $81.75
Sport Stripe Kit Black (Roof) 51 14 0 411 945: $81.75
Sport Stripe Kit Red (Roof) 51 14 0 411 946: $81.75

The kits are prices reasonably but we at MotoringFile thought you could do better. So we’re happy to announce that MF sponsor Morristown MINI will be offering the stripes kits for only $61.25 for MotoringFile readers. You can check them out here.