It’s been three weeks since we first introduced our MotoringFile magnetic badges and in that time we’ve sold almost 400 500! This week we’ve added a handful of new magnetic badges to the collection focusing on various countries around the world. And we’ve also added a new way to buy them. A set of 6 magnetic badges is now only $37. That means you’re basically paying for 5 and getting a sixth one free.

You can check out the new magnetic badges below (click on each for larger versions) and you can buy them at here.

Purchase your MotoringFile magnetic badges at the following site:

[ MotoringFile Grille Badges For Sale ] MotoringFile Badges

And don’t forget your grille holder if you don’t already have one – they’re required to use MotoringFile magnetic grille badges. You can find them at any one of the following MotoringFile sponsors:

Knauz MINI (mention MF and get 20% off)
Patrick MINI
Morristown MINI (lists for 20% off)
MINI of Manhattan
Outmotoring (ships worldwide)

Now for all you folks who have no idea what we’re talking about here, this post may help:

[ MotoringFile Grille Badges: An Introduction ] MotoringFile

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