R&T has a timely article in this month’s issue about everyones favorite 11-mile stretch of road. Here’s an excerpt:

>Driving the Dragon requires full-time concentration. Hands at 3 and 9 o’clock are kept busy, as are feet dancing across the pedals. Flailing down the “circuit,” it’s important to stay in the right-hand lane because of opposing traffic. Some curves are so tight that you feel as if the car will bend in half, but most of the 318 turns are fast, on-camber sweepers with nicknames like Gravity Cavity, Wheelie Hell, and Copperhead Corner. After a couple of runs, you’re ready to hit the shower.

You can buy the entire magazine at newsstands throughout the US. However we’re also happy to offer our readers a scan of the full article (provided by Loren Hickok):

[ Tail of the Dragon ] Road & Track (PDF)