MotoringFile has learned that, as of last week, only eight soon to be GP owners have signed up for MINI USA’s Monterey Delivery Program. While this has probably changed a bit since then, it still seems a bit lower than original expectations. Initially MINI USA had planned for up to 45 slots to be available and for a May 15th deadline. However with the deadline already over, we’re guessing that the date may now be extended.

So what does this mean? For one, GP owners seem less than enthusiastic with the idea of putting so many miles on their incredibly rare and potentially collectable cars. However, on the upside it also means that the folks that do opt for the special delivery will be members of a very select group. But how does this change MINI USA’s events at Monterey? It’s hard to say exactly. Obviously it won’t have the clout it might once have with only a fraction of the possibly particpants actually taking up the offer. That said we expect the final numbers to grow a bit before the final (final) deadline is passed. And at the end of the day, we’re still of the mindset that this is a once in a life-time event that shouldn’t be passed up if you’ve got a GP on order.

Despite the lower number we’re also happy to announce that MotoringFile will be reporting daily from Monterey and across the country as the MINI Takes the States caravan makes its way east. Todd Pearson will be heading up our coverage as he (carefully) breaks in his new GP. Look for more details soon.


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