Everything’s possible with MINI. Any time. Any place. Sometimes even the seemingly impossible. Such as the idea of a MINI hotel “on wheels” for the 2006 Football World Cup, appearing in host cities where all hotel rooms have been booked for months.

To coincide with the World Cup, MINI is creating some MINIs especially for football fans. Designed to look like mobile “fan hotels”, they will be touring the streets in various host cities where matches are being played. They will carry the message: “welcome to the MINI Hotel International”, “MINI Hotel Brazil”, “MINI Hotel Italy” and “MINI Hotel France”, because naturally, MINI hotels are always right at the heart of the best World Cup action.

To ensure all football fans feel at home during the World Cup, the “MINI Hotel International” will be joined by MINI national hotels in corresponding national colours. A MINI promoter will gladly open the doors to fans wishing try out a bed for size. And the “MINI Hotel International” is equipped so comfortably, that whoever wishes can spend an entire night in it.

Highly flexible, the MINI hotels are always on the move. They will only stop in places where football fever is especially high. There are no clues as to exactly where. Therefore to make sure they see the MINI hotels for themselves, fans should keep an eye out in the World Cup cities. The travelling MINI national hotels will of course always be around when their country’s team is playing. Here are a few hot tips on dates to begin with:

MINI Brazil
Tue, 13.06.06 / Berlin
Sun, 18.06.06 / Munich
Thur, 22.06.06 / Dortmund

MINI France
Tue, 13.06.06 / Stuttgart
Sun, 18.06.06 / Leipzig
Fri, 23.06.06 / Cologne

MINI Italy
Mon, 12.06.06 / Hannover
Sat, 17.06.06 / K´Lautern
Thur, 22.06.06 / Hamburg

MINI International
Fri, 09.06.06 / Munich
Wed, 14.06.06 / Dortmund
Thur, 15.06.06 / Nürnberg
Tue, 20.06.06 / Berlin
Sat, 01.07.06 / Frankfurt
Wed, 05.07.06 / Munich
Sat, 08.07.06 / Stuttgart
Sun, 09.07.06 / Berlin

Source: MINI International Press