While this review is a year old, it’s probably one of the few MINI One D reviews I’ve ever seen. And since better gas mileage seems to be on the minds of so many these days, we thought all the Americans out there might like to get a sneak peak at the “other” MINI that we don’t get a chance to drive. Also worth a mention, the MINI One D reviewed here doesn’t have the updated Toyota Diesel engine. You can read about all the 2006 engine updates here. Now, onto the review:

>The diesel Mini’s real forte is in urban and city operation where it is a staggering 50 percent more fuel-efficient than the Mini One. While the petrol Mini turns in an only average 8.7 litres/100km (32.5mpg), or just slightly better than the more powerful Cooper, the diesel sips fuel at a conservative 5.7 litres/100km (48.7mpg) in the urban cycle.

>More than this, the car drives so well around town, with the diesel engine brilliantly matched to the car’s unique gear ratios. Key to this is the high torque at low revs. Forget for a moment that the diesel produces a modest 55kW (75bhp) at 4000rpm against 66kW/5500rpm for the One and 85kW/6000rpm for the Cooper.

You can read the entire article below:

[ Mini Cooper Diesel ] Car.co.nz