MINI USA has released the full details of the MTTS Route on it’s website. Here’s are a few of the features on the updated site:

– Special event details
– Local hotel and restaurant contact information
– The “Main Route” and alternative “Off the Beaten Path Route”
– City descriptions, points of interest and other fun facts
– Event registration

For full details on each leg, check out each of the following PDFs from MINI USA:

Leg 1 / Monterey to Santa Barbara (pdf)
Leg 2 / Santa Barbara to Las Vegas (pdf)
Leg 3 / Las Vegas to Flagstaff (pdf)
Leg 4 / Flagstaff to Albuquerque (pdf)
Leg 5 / Albuquerque to Armarillo (pdf)
Leg 6 / Armarillo to Dallas (pdf)
Leg 7 / Dallas to Memphis (pdf)
Leg 8 / Memphis to Nashville (pdf)
Leg 9 / Nashville to St. Louis (pdf)
Leg 10 / St. Louis to Indianapolis (pdf)
Leg 11 / Indianapolis to Charleston WV (pdf)
Leg 12 / Charleston WV to Charlottesville (pdf)
Leg 13 / Charlottesville to Washington DC (pdf)
Leg 14 / Washington DC to Jersey City (pdf)
Leg 15 / Jersey City to Lakeville (pdf)

Participant Registration
Registration, which is free, will allow participants to select specific sections (or all sections) of the
cross-country drive in which they plan to participate. The process is designed to be
customizable so registrants can select the entire trip, multiple legs or a single leg of the
program, depending on the level of participation they desire.

We will have a very special post on MotoringFile (once the updated MTTS site is live) that will allow individual clubs to coordinate their plans with MINI USA and MTTS. Look for that post soon.

In the meantime you can check out the updated site with the full route info:

[ MINI Takes the States ] MINIUSA