MINI USA released full MTTS route details recently including dates and locations for the full cross country trek. This is exactly the information that quite a few MINI owners have been clamoring to get before planning their local club events around this nationwide event..

But how do individual US based clubs get in touch with MINI USA about working their events into the official MTTS schedule? MotoringFile and MINI USA are teaming up to help answer that question.

MINI Clubs: MINI USA Wants You!

MINI USA wants all those who help run MINI clubs, and are interested in participating in MTTS, to post their final plans in the comment section of this article. Be sure to include your email address and club name so that the folks at MINI USA can reach you to discuss how your plans can match up with official MINI Takes the States itinerary.

For full details on each leg, check out each of the following PDFs from MINI USA:

Leg 1 / Monterey to Santa Barbara (pdf)
Leg 2 / Santa Barbara to Las Vegas (pdf)
Leg 3 / Las Vegas to Flagstaff (pdf)
Leg 4 / Flagstaff to Albuquerque (pdf)
Leg 5 / Albuquerque to Armarillo (pdf)
Leg 6 / Armarillo to Dallas (pdf)
Leg 7 / Dallas to Memphis (pdf)
Leg 8 / Memphis to Nashville (pdf)
Leg 9 / Nashville to St. Louis (pdf)
Leg 10 / St. Louis to Indianapolis (pdf)
Leg 11 / Indianapolis to Charleston WV (pdf)
Leg 12 / Charleston WV to Charlottesville (pdf)
Leg 13 / Charlottesville to Washington DC (pdf)
Leg 14 / Washington DC to Jersey City (pdf)
Leg 15 / Jersey City to Lakeville (pdf)

Please refrain from posting anything other than firm plans regarding MTTS and your MINI club in the space below. Let’s try to keep everything as on message as possible!