(Updated)Well, almost undisguised. The venerable spy photographer Mr. Lehmann and the boys and Worldcarfans have a the best photo yet of the upcomng 2007 Cooper S. For the first time we can clearly see the new grille (differing from the chrome grille on the Cooper) that we told you about last year.

The photo also features new wheels, new center exhaust design, the previously mentioned updated headlights with the integrated turn signals, revised hood scoop, new side grilles and indicators on the a-panel, and also shows the next generation MINI in a brighter color than black! Except that is for the unpainted front bumper which will be body color on the final production car.

While the car has been photoshopped a bit to help us see through the very light camouflaging, it’s generally spot on from what our sources are telling us. The only obvious misstep is the photoshopped Cooper side grilles (both the 2007 MC and MCS will have much larger grilles). The red exterior color has also been added to give us an idea of how it will look in something other than the always popular “mule black”.

You can see a larger image below:

[ 2007 MINI Cooper S ] Worldcarfans.com

Once you’ve taken a look at the photo you may want to grade us on our Next Gernation MINI revealed story from March 2005. I think you’ll find some similarities in terms of what you see here and what we wrote about!

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