This comes from long time MF contributor Josh Wardell:

>I was just reading this week’s Autoweek, and Dutch Mandel’s article on Pixar’s annual car show shows that a lot of Pixar employees drive MINIs:

>>For the past five years Pixar has held a home-brewed car show on its campus grounds. To go with the near 50 truly wonderful cars the employees bring to the party is live music, an outdoor barbecue and the promise of good cheer. This is, after all, Pixar, the folks who make The Happiest Place on Earth happy.

>>Jay Ward, 35, is the talented art department manager who, as a side gig, is Motorama’s talent scout, captain d’concours, hound and handler. Ward does not just go for the dozen or so Mini Coopers employees have nestled in their lot (they get a section to themselves); he is on the phone with big-time San Francisco Bay

You can read the rest here:

[ Showing That Cars Are in Their Hearts ] Autoweek