Yes it’s true. My 12 month old Cooper S has the dreaded rust door sill rust. For those that haven’t been following the rust saga, a few people over at North American Motoring have been reporting rust on MINIs in the door sill area over the past week. While it’s mostly been older cars that have been aflicted, there have been a smattering of 2005’s with rust also. Well you can now officially add mine to the list. The good news is that it is very much under warranty and at the earliest of stages. In fact the amount of rust and the location really don’t have me too concerned. However it’s still rust on a one year old car. Not a particularly pleasant thing to see.

The problem in my case isn’t that a portion of the sill was left unpainted (as has been reported by some owners of earlier cars). Instead it would seem the issue lies with the rubber moulding on the sill itself. The seal traps moisture to the point of no escape. All that moisture is basically drowning the door sill’s metal edge and causing rust to form. Seems like a fairly simple story of cause and effect at this point.

With the help of a few MINI owners I’ve collected pictures of MINI door sills in various states of rusting and posted them to the MotoringFile Flickr Pool. Most are 2002 or 2003 model with the exception of my 2005. You can post your own by simply getting a Flickr account, uploading your images and joining the MotoringFile Pool (all free of course). One little tip: make sure to use the “MINI rust” tag on your rust photos so that they show up whenever someone searches for that exact phrase.

Now, who wants to see some rust? Click below:

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