We’ve had countless versions of that question come across the MotoringFile inbox over the past few months. Sure the 2007 MINI will be fantastic, but it seems people like a sure thing. And the current car is definitely that. So we put that question to one of our sources and got a bit more details about the end of the 2006 production run.


The very last minute to order an ’06 MINI is going to vary by dealer and region. Okay that’s not really a great answer, but there are a few reasons for that. First off there’s the plant closing. Then there’s different R56 ramp-ups for different markets. And within that there are allocation changes to give production to the markets most likely to need (and sell) the new cars.

All this means that the US market will be the last to see the R56 model switch over and thus will have the most oppotunity to buy the older models. As we’ve reported in the past, production of the 2006 MINI (R50/R53) should continue until early November. However most (if not all) of that last month’s production will be pre-specced cars. So that means that production of customer ordered 2006 MINIs may well end in late August or early September. That said we strongly encourage asking your individual dealer about their allocation and ordering timelines to be on the safe side.