As we reported a few weeks back, MINI will not be able to use either the Traveller nor Clubman name for the upcoming extended wheel base MINI. The rights to the name Traveller is owned by several parties in various countries and the legal and financial hurdle to go after it simply is too great. Likewise the Clubman name is available in every country except Japan where it’s owned by none other than Honda. And as you can guess, Honda isn’t exactly eager to sell it to a competitor.

So with that reality MINI is back to the drawing board and will soon be deciding on a final name for the new car due out around late 2007 or early 2008.

Here’s your chance to possibly give them a few ideas. In the comment section below give us your idea of a perfect name for the new extended wheelbase MINI. Something that will convey a sense of utility and adventure, yet in keeping with the spirit of MINI worldwide.

This post has NO affiliation with MINI. If they should happen to use a name mentioned here I wouldn’t expect to get anything more than self satisfaction and some minor celebrity status in the MINI world.