Business Week has a fantastic interview with MINI USA VP Jim McDowell that touches on everything from advertising, owners and the new MINI uniforms. Definitely a must read for the MINI enthusiast. Here’s an excerpt:

>MB: Mini customers seem to have developed a passion for their cars. How do you explain this rather unique product attribute?

>JMcD: People make these very individual choices at the beginning of their ownership experience. Then, they hear about something new or different, find it on the web or while chatting with other Mini owners to expand their experience and ownership.

>MB: That’s unusual in the car business, right?

>JMcD: The only thing I can liken it to is the people who are highly involved with their computers… particularly true with Apple computers. Every year, they put in the new operating system, buy more memory, they get a fun new mouse, they change something on the keyboard … it doesn’t seem like they’re ever done.

>MB: So, your buyers aren’t complacent with the status quo are they?

>JMcD: You would think people would buy something and say, “That’s it … I’m gonna use it for three years and not change it anymore.” That’s not the way a Mini motorist thinks. They want to constantly make this great car that much better.

You can read the entire interview below:

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