The O.Z. Racing Superleggera, light, strong and aggressive. They’ve been a favorite wheel of mine for quite awhile. When I bought my MCS last year with the JCW wheels, they were the “other” choice I secretly lusted after. This year O.Z. introduced a new wheel that took the Superleggera to a new level. And at 16.8lbs, the 18″ Ultraleggera had my name written all over it. My rational was that, if I’m going to give up my beloved JCWs, I might as well go as light as I can.

I’ll have a full review of the wheels and my new Kumho ECSTA SPT’s in the coming weeks. But until then you can check out some photos of the new Ultraleggeras below.

[Update: Sold!] For those curious, my JCW 18″ wheels are still for sale but I’m guessing they’ll be going fast considering the price I’m offering them at. I’m having a hard time parting with them as I do love the way they look on my car. But alas the tirerack in my garage only has room for two sets of tires and with both winter sets currently there, it’s already full. Email me via the Contact at the top of the page if you’re interested. You can see detailed photos here. I will ship throughout the US if needed.

Once you launch the image viewer simply click the “N” button on your keyboard for next image or “P” for the previous image.

If you’re interested in the Ultraleggera for your MINI, you may want to act fast. After only a couple of months O.Z. is discontinuing the wheel in the 18″ MINI friendly size. I’m told it’s marketing related (whatever that means). Nevertheless if you’re interested follow the link below (you’ll be supporting MF by doing so):

Shop for O.Z. wheels at The Tire Rack.