We’ve got a few updates of random facts for those eagerly anticipating their GPs.

– GP roof numbers are in for many owners. If you haven’t received yours, it should be arriving soon.
– The GP will not include rear speakers due to weight saving measures. That means only 4 speakers total.
– The 18″ GP wheels (aka the R107) weigh in at 19.84 pounds. Officially the lightest 17″ or 18″ wheel from MINI.
– Roof numbers for those getting their GPs at Monterey are based generally on a first come first serve basis. So if you wanted to low number car you needed to opt for a MTTS delivery.
– For those getting their GPs at dealers, roof numbers will appear to be fairly random. I’m told there’s a system to it, just not one that owners will be able to identify or influence.

We’ll have more in the weeks ahead.