Over the next week I’ll be giving a series of small reviews regarding different aspects of the JCW MCS. My test car (courtesy of MINI USA) is equipped with the classic combo of Chili Red with a white roof. Add to that the black 18″ JCW wheels and that classic look starts to become a bit more sinister. But with only two factory options I suppose that suits its personality. It’s just about the ultimate factory track car without being a GP.

The problem is that, with only the sport pack and the JCW option, I’m having to put up with no cruise on the highway. I thought I could properly modulate my speed. I can’t.

I also have apparently have no patience these days for the manual heating and cooling controls that on are this car. In the past I refused to buy any car that didn’t have manual controls. Now I’m just put off by them. I don’t know if the systems have gotten better or I’ve just gotten less tolerant of twiddling knobs.

I’ll have more on the performance aspects of the JCW MCS in part two and three.