DIY Friday is back this week with a PDF that I’ll soon be studying for my own steering wheel project. Installing the JCW Steering Wheel is easier than you would think, however there are a couple of important steps that this PDF really helps out with.

However there are a few things I’ve noticed that this PDF doesn’t touch on. First is that the “pierced” holes on the MINI wheels aren’t typically there on most wheels. Instead you just have small dimples which you’ll have to gently pierce yourself before doing the install. Then there’s also the steering wheel trim (generally housing the multifunction portion) that will need to be uninstalled on the current wheel and installed on the new one. While that should be straight-forward, it’s worth noting that this PDF doesn’t mention any related procedure.

For those thinking about purchasing a JCW wheel, we should have a review of the leather/alcantara version in the next couple of weeks.

[ JCW Steering Wheel Official Install PDF ] MINI

Purchase information:
You can find the JCW Steering Wheel for under $500 shipped at Morristown MINI and Knauz MINI (ask for the MotoringFile discount) and under $450 shipped at