Everyone’s favorite US based weekly automotive magazine gives us its take on the JCW GP. Fresh from driving the car at the recent press event in Italy, Greg Kable gives us his thoughts on the car and whether or not it’s truly worth the price of admission. Here’s an excerpt:

>All good stuff. But in the end you have to ask yourself whether the extra $2,000 or so you’re asked to pay for the GP above the cost of the already pricey Cooper S Works is warranted. “Probably not,” is the honest answer. But that’s not the point. This car is not going to be bought on the strength of its performance or its appearance nor its terrific handling. No, it is the fact that just more than one-third of a limited total production run is bound for North America that has buyers falling over themselves to get in line. In fact, if you’re not already signed up, it’s already too late, according to Mini. That’s no great problem, though. With an all-new model just around the corner, the shadow cast by the GP isn’t likely to last all that long. BMW’s marketing department will see to that, we’re sure.

You can read the entire review here:

[ 2006 Mini Cooper S w/JCW GP kit ] Autoweek

MF Analysis

Unfortunatetly Mr. Kable doesn’t seem to be familiar with all the included components of the GP. The JCW Suspension and wheels would be worth well over $2000 on their own. And this is not to mention the lightened suspension and under-body aero work that truly sets this car apart.