Apparently BMW is serious this time. Not that the current JCW isn’t fast, but it’s clear that BMW will need more power if they are to position the MCS JCW against such cars as the new VW GTI or Civic Si.


So first on the agenda will be the launching the next generation JCW MCS with around 225-230bhp in late 2007 as a 2008 model. With improved torque and drivability from the new dual-stage turbo it should no doubt be a screamer. Further rumor has it the 2008 JCW MCS will come from the factory with a unqiue body kit, and possibly even a full JCW suspension. It’s unknown what BMW will do in the brake department as the stock MCS will be getting what are essentially JCW brakes as standard.

Taken as a whole, it would seem the next JCW MCS will be engineered in a fashion much closer to the way BMW designs and builds its M cars.

However BMW may not stop there. Knowing that a special edition (or as we call it, “the über MINI”) may be on tap later in the production life of the R56, the folks in Munich have reportedly engineered the next JCW drivetrain to be tunable up to 300bhp. Now before we go on, let’s make one thing clear. This does not mean BMW will build a 300bhp MINI. And don’t go telling friends it’s true because you heard it on MotoringFile! What it does mean is that the components that are going in the next generation JCW MCS should be able to safely withstand 300bhp should the need arise. This could allow for minor production changes to produce hefty power increases for any future special edition JCW MCS. But we have to stress we have no information (even rumors) of a car with that much power on the horizon. However at the very least, this information should be a music to the ears of aftermarket tuners.

As you would expect (and as we’ve reported previously) the new JCW kit will only be available as a factory option and may even be considered a completely different model similar to the M3. Yet despite all of these changes, it may be comforting to know that MINI plans on keeping JCW pricing at or near the same level as the current car.