The fine folks over at BSSP are off to a flying start. Not only are they canvassing the country spreading the good word, but they’re getting MINI great press for the latest campaign. Here’s an excerpt from This week’s Adage:

>Given that owners are often the best leads to new sales, Trudy Hardy, marketing manager of the BMW division, said the strategy is to wrap all its marketing around the Mini community. Owners, she said, perpetuate the next sale. “We want to reward them for their passion for the brand and we are trying to treat them special.”

>Wes Brown, an auto analyst at consultant Iceology, said BMW understands that its owner base is unusual in the auto industry, as the Mini Cooper has developed a cult-like following. Making owners feel special and appreciated is an effective strategy, he said.

You can read the entire article below.

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Now get out there and sell some MINIs people!