We don’t have the English version of the official R56 specifications yet but with the help of Google translation services we were able to figure out this little nugget of information from the German release:

R56 MC: 2508lbs (EU Unladen Weight)
R56 MCS: 2651lbs (EU Unladen Weight)

Now compare that to the current generation MINI:

R50 MC: 1150kg/2530lbs (EU Unladen Weight)
R53 MCS: 1215kg/2672lbs (EU Unladen Weight)

That means there is 10kg/22lbs lost on both models.

You can download the entire spec sheet (in German) here.

We were right that there was going to be some weight savings, we just were incorrect on the final number. Of course we were also basing our information on US sources with US based information so we may yet see these numbers change slightly for the North American market.


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