If you haven’t noticed MTTS is now underway and MotoringFile will be featuring daily updates from Todd (the ever popular MF contributor and WRR host) who is crossing the US in a soon to be bug splattered GP. We’ll be getting news on the days events and what’s coming next along with some assorted podcasting.

We’ve also added a new section to MF called (wait for it….) MTTS. You can get to it via the links at the bottom of each page, the Archives, or the link at the top of each MTTS related article. The category will allow you to quickly browse all MTTS related craziness in one place.

And finally the rumors are true that I (as in Gabe) will not be attending any MTTS events. So I ask that any handshakes, free beers and sucker punches that may have been coming my way be given to Todd.

…okay I’m kidding about that last part.