We’ve got a couple of articles for you today. First up is Emily Martian’s article in Motor Trend. Here’s an excerpt:

>Bright and early at Pirate’s Cove, before any normal pirate would be awake–7:30 a.m., to be exact–the MTTS sendoff beach party began, complete with a rockin’ live band and the fire pits required at any beach party. There was an array of breakfast goodies, a roar of excitement for the long-awaited journey, and swag bags to please everyone. The time flew by, and soon the flock of MINIs was off to its new overnight destination in Santa Barbara.

>Now down to business. The MINI GP has been well received, and the attention from non-MINI owners is building as the days go by. Here, with the official review, is one of the first to take delivery. Please welcome guest writer Todd Pearson from White Roof Radio.com.

Emily will be posting about her MTTS experience daily so be sure to check out the link below from time to time:

[ MINI Takes the States ] Motor Trend

Next up, the Monterey Herald:

>”In all my experience, it is the first car company that has brought (an affordable) car to the people that has invoked so much passion,” said Scott McIntyre of Thousand Oaks, a former master technician for Porsche and Audi. “Every person who owns a Mini is every bit as passionate about their car as is the owner of a $200,000 Ferrari.”

>Along the way, the car company is going to host a music festival in Nashville headlined by singer-songwriter John Hiatt, the cars will be able to lap the Indy Speedway, and one of the participating couples will get married at an undisclosed location. A bus sponsored by Wired Magazine will accompany the cars and acts as a portable Internet station.

[ LINE ‘EM UP, MOVE ‘EM OUT ] Monterey Herald