1 week down, about 8 more days to go. If you are still running, don’t worry, you are almost there!

I actually wanted to take this time to recap the week in pictures. There are lots of excellent pictures getting posted around the MINI Community and I wanted to get a few samples posted here!

For all of the picture sets, you can use the ‘N’ key to move to the next picture, the ‘P’ key to go to the previous picture and the ‘X’ key to close.

We’ll start with Michael Babishkin’s photo gallery. He has over 100 pictures of some amazing automobiles from the Historics.

You can see all of Michael’s photos here

Next up is new GP owner Ian Cull with his galleries. Don’t forget, he is also blogging the entire trip over at gpmini.net.

You can see all of Ian’s photos here as he continues on MTTS. And you should subscribe to his blog as he chronicles his journey here and here

Then there are the Flickr’s. From the MTTS Group Flickr, with well over 200 photos and counting. Here are a few of the newer images

There are really too many great pictures there to list!

Of course, our buddy J/C has posted some photos he snapped

You can see all of J/C’s pictures here and on his here

Of course, you already saw db’s contribution to the photo fun, right?

That should be enough picures to keep you busy for a while. Don’t forget to check back to theose galleries (especially Ian’s and the MTTS Flickr) as they will be getting updated further along the way!