Targa Newfoundland is underway and Leg 1 has already proven to be eventful for one of the MINIs entered.

Several cars were out of the competition after leaving the road and will not likely return to action. A 2006 JCW MINI Cooper S left the course and one of the crew was taken to hospital for observation and was later released.

At this point it remains unclear if it was Ron Kiino or Jared Holstein that was taken to the hospital. Also, there has not been final confirmation that the JCW MCS is in fact out of the race as hinted at above. Leg 1 Results list Kiino and Holsein as last in class, but do notably attribute a time for them rather than indicating a DNF (did not finish). As of this posting, Leg 2 results have not been put online. We will post an update when leg 2 results are available.

Thanks to Charlie for the tip!


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