The rumors that some of you may have heard are indeed true. Starting over the next several days you’ll be seeing a lot less of my name below many of the daily posts on MotoringFile. Today I’m officially announcing that I will be handing over the day to day operations of MotoringFile to Don Burnside (aka DB) of Whiteroofradio fame. Both Don and I are very excited about this transition and look forward to MotoringFile maintaining everything that has made it the most visited unofficial MINI site in the world.

It’s probably worth emphasizing that this change mainly impacts the operational side of the site. I will still be contributing to MotoringFile and you’ll still see my name attached to reviews, rumors and many of the larger feature stories on the site. I’ll also remain the man behind design and all the advertising on the site and at the end of the day, the guy who pays those pesky bills that keep the lights on. In fact, there’s a good chance that many readers may never realize there has been a change.

Now the obvious question, why? There are lots of reasons why I’ve made this choice and they’re probably better left for a rambling late-night podcast. For those that must know, I’m sure you can find out more in a couple corners of the web. But the short answer is I’ve recieved a wonderful offer that will require me to become a bit less beholden to the site and all that it takes to keep it running efficiently day to day. I enjoy working on it, writing for it and the opportunity of getting to know many of you. However between the site’s growth and my own lack of time, a change is needed. And with this change I see MF growing to become bigger and better than ever before.

Don will be responsible for posting much of the article links, official press releases, and reader tips that are typically sprinkled throughout the front page of site on any given week. We’ll still see all the frequent contributions from the usual folks but it will be Don who will be handling much of the content.

Finally I’d like to say thanks to the readers and advertisers who have supported the site over the years. As I’ve said many times before, without you, the site simply wouldn’t exists.