m600.jpeg(Las Vegas, Nevada July 2006)

The MiniUSA/Fireballed!™ Racing “World’s Fastest Mini” broke new ground when driver Hubie Fuh launched the crumpet rocket past their previous record of an 11.26 quarter mile to an 11 second flat at 128mph. Onlookers from three states cheered as the red hot wonder rolled to the starting line last month in 122 degree heat at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With the track temps approaching 150, the Mini lined up with a sweltering white EVO, only to leave it in the perspiring dust.

“I must’ve lost 10 pounds just watching the M600 launch from the tree,” exclaimed MiniUSA Product Manager, Jeff Stracco. “It was so hot, I decided to cook an egg on the track.”

Despite the heat, the Fireballed! Team headed by movie car designer Fireball Tim, once again surpassed the mark, rocketing into the books as the World’s Fastest with a nearly stock block. Oh, and their MEGAmini Twincharger. The crew now seeks to break well into the 10’s at their new target of Englishtown, New Jersey.

“I’m always amazed at the strength of the Mini engine,” says Fireball. “We keep trying to break it, but end up breaking the record instead.”

This month, (September 30th) the team heads to Englishtown to attempt to explode the car into the 10 second range right in Mini’s backyard, no less. But now they are sporting 100 extra horsepower, 150lbs of shaved weight, normal temps and at sea level. And with Mini, BMW Corporate and hundreds from local clubs looking on, the car that’s “all smiles” may be grinning wildly.

To keep up to date on race and show events for the M600 and all Fireballed! Racers, be sure to check their schedule at www.fireballed.com.

About Fireballed Racing:
Fireballed Racing Inc, is a privately held company under contract with BMWNA/MINI USA to develop and produce promotional racing programs introducing the world famous MINI Cooper to the U.S. young motoring lifestyle marketplace for the 18-35 demographic. Featuring Fireball Tim Lawrence, TV personality of the All Star Monster Garage fame, and more than 50 Film Car designs including such notable cars as “Son of The Mask” and “Gone in 60 Seconds” to name a few. He will be designing One of Kind Hollywood Themed MINI’s produced by Fireballed Racing Inc., and featured at MINI dealerships throughout the USA. South Bay MINI- “Dealer to the Stars” of Torrance, CA has taken initial delivery of the first two Limited Edition Hollywood Themed MINI’s.