After one month of ownership it’s finally time to post my top five mods for the JCW GP so here goes.

  1. JCW leather/Alcantara steering wheel. When driving any car, the steering wheel is the one item you interact with the most so why not add the best. The JCW wheel is a must not only for a GP but for any MINI enthusiast with a three spoke factory wheel – multifunction or not.
  2. Rear Foglight. Granted, there are two open spaces on the toggle panel (the GP has no front fogs either) but the addition of the rear fog definitely finishes off the look of the rear bumper and fills up at least one of the open toggle spaces.
  3. iPod integration – AUX or Dension. Even though the GP does not have rear speakers, connecting an iPod is a must for catching up on WhiteRoofRadio podcasts while motoring in the GP.
  4. Rubber boot mat (Canadian version is my preference.) A rear boot mat is essential for protecting the carpet for even the lightest runs to the market for milk.
  5. Auto Up window circuit. So you can keep you hands on that luxurious steering wheel instead of holding the window toggle as you drive away from the bank, ATM or *gasp* drive-through.