Word has it that the second round of GPs to be delivered in the US is scheduled to arrive the second week of October. Many of the special editions are on ships bound for US shores as of this writing. Approximately 360 GPs remain to be delivered in the US and they should filter in throughout the month of October and into November. A total of 41 out of the 415 US bound GPs were delivered during the bookend dates of MINI Takes the States in August and early September.

Even though the 2006 JCW GP is technically not the last of this generation of MINIs to be sold and shipped, one can safely speculate that on the timeline of MINI history the GP will mark the end of one era and the 2007 R56 will mark the beginning of the next. You can virtually count on a next generation GP, or something similar to it, to roll out near the end of the R56 era. But for now GP owners worldwide can enjoy owning the fastest and highest horsepower production MINI that’s ever been made.