We’ve had quite a few emails lately from readers wanting a full explanation of MINI’s internal numbering system. R55, R56, R53, it can get a bit confusing if you’re relatively new to the MINI world so we figured a quick explanation might be order.

But before we get to the numbers, let’s take a second a explain the system. Like BMW, MINI names each of their cars with internal code names that are great for quickly referencing specific models. Typically the lower numbers are related to when the car was conceived as a potential product. The by-product can be a sneak peak into MINI’s early product planning.

Now, onto the list:

1st Generation New MINI (First Released 7/2001):

R50: MINI One & Cooper Coupe
R51: Proposed long wheelbase MINI (never released)
R52: MINI One, Cooper and Cooper S Convertible
R53: Cooper S Coupe (conceived after the One and Cooper)

2nd Generation New MINI (First Released 11/2006):

R55: MINI Clubman
R56: MINI One, Cooper, Cooper S Coupe
R57: MINI One, Cooper, Cooper S Convertible
R60: MINI’s soon to be released SAV