This comes from long time friend of MotoringFile and owner of Outmotoring Aaron Cornaby:

>We just got some of the saddest news in recent MINI history. It seems the famous and very popular Parcel Tray is now extinct with no plans of revival as far as our sources at MINIusa have described. We were told that last week that we would be getting a large shipment to fill all of our backorders but after following up found that the part number was removed from the MINI USA part number database with a note “not for USA sales”. MINI supply chain sources said there are no plans for replacing or re-releasing it for the US but may be available in other countries.

>You can find the parcel shelf here: Outmotoring Euro Parcel Shelf

MF Analysis: We can only guess that this is due to the parcel shelf never actually being officially DOT tested for crash protection for use on ’02 – ’06 models (despite the fact that actually gives you more room for those with long legs). Expect the grey market (via our friends in Canada and Europe) to suddenly get a little bit bigger. Don’t think for a moment that the parcel shelf is dead for the ’02 through ’06 models.

You can also probably find a few remaining parcel shelves at a few of our other sponsors.