Another rave review for the R56. Here’s an excerpt:

>ALEC Issigonis would be proud. For the all-new Mini to meet 2008 pedestrian-impact legislation, BMW realised that it had to extend the outgoing R50’s length by 150mm. But the Bavarians managed to meet the regulations with just a 70mm increase anyway.

>Another miraculous packaging victory for the Mini, 47 years after the first one reinvented the small car.

>And that, in a nutshell (or, in this case, a clamshell bonnet) is what the 2007 R56 Mini is all about. Not revolution, or even evolution, but reinvention.

>Welcome to the first Mini wholly created by BMW, probably the most engineering-led mainstream car manufacturer on Earth.

>Every component of the old Mini was scrutinised and either updated or replaced by BMW, to infuse the new model with its brand essence.

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